Miraizon Cinematize

Miraizon Cinematize 2.02

DVD movie clip extractor

With Miraizon Cinematize, you can finally extract a video or audio clip from your DVD, and save it in formats compatible with popular applications such as QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, Premiere, PowerPoint, iTunes, or even an iPod.


  • Create a new DVD with your favorite movie scenes
  • Watch movies or movie clips on your video iPod
  • Edit your recorded TV programs
  • Incorporate DVD movie clips into your presentations
  • Create high-quality still pictures from DVD movies
  • Share your home DVD movie clips on the web
  • Extract video alone and add your favorite music
  • Extract audio alone and burn it to a CD, or listen to it in iTunes or on your iPod

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Miraizon Cinematize


Miraizon Cinematize 2.02

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